About Owners

About Us:

Angel Heart is honored that you have chosen our team to journey with you during this sacred time. 

We look forward to providing quality care to you and your loved one. Angel Heart officially opened in 2020,  as the first Hospice owned by a Chaplain we have a unique approach to hospices care. As we look towards the future, our goal is to be a leader in Hospice and Palliative care.  Patient centered care, comfort care is the foundation in which Angel Heart is built.  We partner with our patients and families, to create a care plan that allows the patient and families to frame their experience.  Angel Heart Hospice and Palliative Care, looks forward to working within the community, providing education and other supportive services.  Our hope is to reach the under served with community outreach.

Dwelver Webb

Dwelver Webb is ordained with the AME church. She received specialized training in Palliative care with Emory Saint Joseph Hospital, where she was and integral part of the Palliative care team. As CEO of Angel Heart here vision is to create an end of life experience for patients that is grown out of love, compassion, and respect. 

 “We are all on a journey, when our journey begins to end, it is a sacred time. It is a time to honor life, and legacy.

Dexter Radcliffe

Dexter Radcliffe is a small business owner. Mr. Radcliffe was exposed to the Hospice experience, while taking care of both parents.  Being moved deeply by the lack of supportive care he received seeks to improve the hospice experience for every patient and family member on Angel Hearts Service. 

“The end-of-life conversation is a difficult conversation. Our life experience does not prepare us for this conversation. The compassionate conversation that is a part of hospice, allows you to prepare for the absence of your loved one.”